Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited Installs Clean Drinking Water Facilities at Government Primary School, Manga Mandi, Lahore

Clean Drinking Water

In rural areas, ensuring access to clean drinking water has been a persistent challenge, particularly due to the common contamination of existing water sources. Acknowledging the vital importance of safe drinking water, Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited has implemented proactive measures to tackle this issue in the vicinity of Government Primary School, Tibba Samad, Manga Mandi, Lahore.

On March 7th, 2024, a commendable effort to ensure the well-being of the students and teachers, Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited has installed deep-bored water pumps and reservoirs. These installations aim to provide a reliable supply of clean drinking water, reducing the likelihood of any infections and improving the overall health and safety of the school children.

The inauguration ceremony, held at the school premises, marked a significant milestone in the journey towards ensuring access to clean drinking water for all. Mr. Maqsood-Ur-Rehman Rehmani, Vice President, and Company Secretary, led the ceremony by cutting the ribbon and officially unveiling the new drinking water facility. This initiative underlines Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and its dedication to making a positive impact on the communities it serves.

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