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For over two decades, Honda engineers have been dedicated to building a zero-emissions car that will help protect the natural environment for our children and future generations. Powered by an electric motor and utilizing a Honda-developed fuel-cell stack, the FCX Clarity emits no CO2, which scientists say is a major contributor to climate change.

When Honda unveiled the first Honda fuel-cell vehicle in 1999, the fuel-cell stack in the vehicle was very large and bulky. By developing and working to perfect our own Honda fuel-cell stacks, Honda has made them significantly smaller, lighter, more compact and more powerful. As a result, the design of the vehicle itself has also gone from tall and boxy to sleek and elegant with a roomy and comfortable cabin.

Honda has brought the fuel-cell vehicle from the lab to the fleet and now, to the public. A limited number of FCX Clarity vehicles will be available for lease to qualified Southern California customers in mid-2008. And Honda is already preparing to expand the availability of these amazing vehicles as soon as convenient fueling options become more widely available.

Learn more about Honda's Revolutionary Fuel Cell Vehicle at http://world.honda.com/FuelCell/